Reviews of Research on Mobile Learning

Multiple literature reviews of research on mobile learning (m-learning) in adult education (post-secondary and corporate) and K-12 settings.

iPad Use in K-12 Setting

Mixed methods study of a district-wide implementation of iPads. Currently in data collection.

Factors Influencing Social Studies Teachers' Successful Integration of Online Primary Source Documents to Encourage Historical Thinking

Qualitative Study of Social Studies Teachers examining common internal (pedagogy, values,) and external (training, resources, support, school environment) factors that exist that allow them to incorporate online primary source material (from free collections such as those from the Library of Congress or National Archives) to promote historical thinking in their students.

FunWritr, An Open-ended Online Writing Application

Qualitative study about language and literacy contexts inside an elementary school and the potential for technology to influence creative and participatory practices.

Usability Testing

Presidential Timeline of the 20th Century

This test (currently in progress) evaluates the Presidential Timeline Website- a resource for teachers to obtain and use primary sources in their teaching. Suggestions from this study will influence future redesign.

Green Ribbon Schools

This test was designed to evaluate the usability of the Website for Green Ribbon Schools- a social networking and publishing site for students and teachers.

Internet-based Primary Source Educational Collections

This test included three websites that serve as teacher resources for using primary sources. Each site was tested then evaluated based on the design of information, interface, and interaction.

Interactive Diary Tool, LBJ Presidential Library

This test evaluated the usability of an interactive research tool within the LBJ Presidential Library.

Texas Center for Learning Disabilities Website

This test evaluated the usability of the TCLD Website by different user types. Suggestions from these findings influenced the redesign of the current site.